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At SF Cellular we are committed to the highest standards in the wireless industry. Our approach to continuous improvement has enabled us to become an industry leader , recognized for our unique solutions and commitment to excellence.


With the right logistics solution for handsets and accessories, you won’t sacrifice sales or carry excess stock—and you absolutely will stay a step ahead of your competition. SF Cellular tailors our forward logistics and reverse logistics services to meet your specific needs, turning your supply chain into a competitive advantage.

We meticulously inspect, data wipe, refresh, and repair used cell phones, tablets, and smart phones. We average a 95% device recovery rate, while the remaining 5% are reduced to metal, plastic, and glass, which are recycled. Our commitment to waste reduction and eco-friendly mobile device disposal makes SF Cellular a leader in both mobile device recycling and cellular supply chain management.


Let SF Cellular manage all aspects of your product lifecycle, from initial marketplace intelligence and competitive analysis to end-of-life recycling and destruction. Our product lifecycle management model also provides reporting and analysis tools to actively manage pricing, promotions, and placement to support your sales, acquisition, and retention strategy, which will maximize profitability.

Leverage our unique operating rhythm and data capabilities to optimize the performance of the end-to-end supply chain. Run that supply chain more efficiently and reduce obsolescence by improving availability at the point of sale. Services include management of master data, retail inventory, forecasting & demand planning, production scheduling, inventory management optimization, and supplier collaboration.


SF Cellular extends the life of devices with in-house repair and refurbishment capabilities. We have the technical skills and attitude to create environmentally-friendly cellular inventory management solutions. While SF Cellular specializes in smartphones and tablets, we continue to lead the industry in efficient, quality repair of all manner of electronics, including next-generation IoT devices.

Refurbished products are green for both your bottom line and the environment. While mobile device refurbishment and redistribution help keep old devices (and their toxic batteries) out of landfills, those cell phones that cannot be refurbished can be recycled for scrap, which helps keep prices down while protecting the environment.

From de-branding and OS flashing to Android stack configuration and everything in between, SF Cellular technicians can provide comprehensive software customization solutions on all mobile platforms. Our commitment to innovative mobile device redistribution and asset recovery services extends beyond mobile device hardware—we have a solution for your software, too.

SF Cellular carefully documents our data destruction process, including physical security, chain-of-custody, and records of destruction. Employees involved in data destruction receive rigorous training and are evaluated for competency on a regular basis. Our data destruction processes are reviewed and regularly validated by an independent agency. Data protection is a top cellular supply chain management priority for SF Cellular.


SF Cellular works to protect the environment through mobile device recycling services, like: bulk smartphone and tablet recycling, mobile device refurbishment, and smartphone part reclamation. We efficiently recycle all the e-waste generated by the disposal of wireless handsets, tablets, portable electronics, and batteries. Additionally, we recycle the packing materials and accessories that come with these devices, including cardboard packaging, printed owner’s manuals, leather or plastic carrying cases, and battery chargers.

We also work with a carefully screened network of certified contractors to process scrap and to dispose of surplus material with minimal impact on the environment. No e-waste goes to landfills or incinerators: either directly from SF Cellular facilities or through our contractors. Furthermore, no scrap is shipped outside the US to developing countries.

SF Cellular’s certified conventional and e-waste recycling partners are likewise prohibited from sending waste to any country not belonging to the European Union or the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The SF Cellular environmental management plan includes internal audits, periodic random quality checks, and annual revisions to our environmental policies. These procedures are flexible, and can change and adapt to evolving technological and environmental concerns.

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“SF Cellular helped us lower our backorder rate, increase quality, and reduce device costs.”

-Insurance Executive

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