Warehouse Associate

Aug 31, 2016




Job Description 


JOB TITLE: Warehouse Associate


REPORTS TO: Warehouse Manager



JOB SUMMARY: The Warehouse Associate is responsible for various warehouse activities that include; receiving and processing in-bounding stock and materials, picking and filling orders from stock, picking, boxing and labeling product and organizing and retrieving stock within the Warehouse.



  • Check emails for Triage transfer request for team
  • Go through the week’s priority list given by the triage supervisor for the work week and assign project based on the priority level
  • Print the hard copy of the PR and verify the model and quantity matches with the PR
  • Assign the project to team members and explain the PR specifications if needed
  • Make sure that all the work materials are present; like required labels, charger, and fully charged batteries if applicable
  • Monitor the team members during the work and make sure that they are following the PR specifications
  • Randomly check the finished devices and record the findings on the Triage random check sheet
  • Check the test slips to make sure that they have a clear description of the fallout
  • When the project is complete, collect the units and daily sheet from the team members and verify that the quantity and labels match their daily sheets
  • Condense the entire project with units from all the team members and categorize them by model/condition/GB/color/carrier
  • Double check the A-stock and above units to make sure that they meet the desired standards.
  • Complete the condensing report to record which step the project are in
  • Scan the entire project into the access database and print the summary report and detailed project report
  • Transfer the units and the detailed report to the Condensing Supervisor for further verification
  • Record the entire day’s production into the triage monthly production card



  • Warehouse experience desired



  • High School Diploma, plus two (2) years related experience



  • High level of integrity, positive attitude, and a respectable work ethic
  • Strong computer and typing skills with proficiency in MS Office suite of programs
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Ability to work effectively both in a team environment and independently


FLSA Status: 

  • Non-Exempt
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